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Human Hair Wigs Made For

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We have a wide selection of premium quality glueless wigs, including lace front wigs, lace top wigs and silk top wigs, so we are sure you’ll find the one that makes you feel like YOU!

Extra Thin Hairline Glueless Wigs Collection

Glueless wigs in this collection feature lace top wigs with low-density pre-plucked hairline and small, well-bleached knots which all together gives an incredibly realistic-looking hairline.

Lace Front Wigs Collection

Lace front wigs in this collection are dedicated to the seekers of a simple yet glamorous style. Silky hair remains naturally straight but can occasionally be styled according to your needs.

Silk Top Wigs

Silk top wigs in this collection have the highest quality European double-drawn hair in the market. It is thick and healthy from the roots to the tips. Silk Top Wigs have the most realistic parting.

Not sure which wig to choose?

Endless options for natural hair wigs

All real hair wigs in stock are hand-crafted, hand-painted, and carefully perfected by our professional hair stylists working exclusively with alternative hair.

We follow the latest hair coloring trends and apply advanced coloring techniques to create authentic and natural-looking hair colors. All our glueless wigs are quick and easy to put on.

What makes us Hairalicious?

We believe that finding a wig that makes you feel like YOU is a unique and personal journey. Being small helps us to hear your story and have enough time to navigate you through the whole process. Our customer service team is kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, and eager to help you, so feel free to message us with all your questions! We will get back to you with our answer within 1-2 working days.

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Most of our clients are returning, some even staying with us from the beginning. Over the years, discussions on what we can do better helped us to be where we are now, so your feedback is extremely important. We always continue developing and improving our human hair wigs as soon as new innovative solutions become available.


The essence of a wig’s comfort and authenticity lies in the subtlest of details. We can personalize the chosen glueless wigs upon your requests: change the parting to the side you are used to, add a haircut, style the hair the way you like or customize wig security elements based on your hair loss situation.

All real hair wigs on our website are described IN DETAIL: from the number of combs to precise size measurements, indicating the stretchiness of the fabric. We know how crucial it is to have consistency while shopping online.

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New Arrivals

We restock about 15-30 styles of natural hair wigs every Tuesday 9 PM GMT.

Our website has a special function “Notify me” – you can subscribe to in-stock alerts and get automatically notified when the real hair wigs you like are restocked!

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About Hairalicious

It all started with our founder, Sarune, who went through postpartum hair loss herself. Back then, a decade ago, finding good quality, affordable, realistic-looking, and comfortable natural hair wigs was quite a challenging task.

That journey led to something incredible – a brand with a dedicated team that’s all about helping others in self-discovery on the hair loss path.

At Hairalicious, we’ve got your back! With over ten years of wig-making experience and empathetic point of view

we are here to help you feel like YOU again!

Hear from our clients

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Hear from our clients

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Customizable human hair wigs to meet your preferences

Haven’t found your ideal match yet? No worries! Hairalicious team offers a chance to customize your chosen human hair wigs. While our good quality wigs are crafted with care and ready to wear, we understand that personal comfort and style matter too.

Want to add a haircut to your chosen natural hair wigs? Or a tweak to the styling? How about making some changes to the cap to ensure you have the security you need? We’re here for it! When you make your purchase, simply pick your customization options, and we’ll tailor a wig to cater to your individual preferences. These customized real hair wigs are ready to ship within 4 working days of your order, so you won’t have to wait long for your special wig!

Wig Academy: “From Basics To Pro”

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand how to choose the perfect glueless human hair wigs. How to take care of your wig so it would last, how to style it, or how to deal with any other problems (wig too big, wig too small, lace color doesn’t match your skin, widow’s peak, struggling to find good quality wigs or looking for tricks to achieve a perfect hairline) that may occur.

We want to SHARE with you our KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE that we gathered over 10 YEARS!

We’ve created tutorials where you will find everything there is to know about natural hair wigs: from wig 101 to professional secrets and tricks never shared anywhere before.

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