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Course description

A step-by-step lesson plan grouped into 2 levels: Academy Starter catering to foundational wig knowledge and Academy Pro for a deeper understanding of wig wearing and maintenance.

Consistent lesson plan where you will find all the steps to unlock your wig’s potential to the maximum. Each lesson will take no longer than 90 seconds.

Program is prepared for your steady growth of knowledge: if you watch all the episodes from the beginning, all relevant terms and basics will be introduced and prepare you for more complex tips and tricks.

Lessons prepared according to your specific needs: all topics are based on situations our clients have found themselves into and all their questions we received over more than 10 years of practice. We gathered absolutely everything in one place – no hidden information!

Theory and know-how that can be applied not only to Hairalicious wigs but any other wig

Tips that are easy to apply: they don’t take much time, special equipment, or additional expenses.

Episodes created for easier comprehension: Each lesson has a voiceover and subtitles in efforts to make each episode clear and easy to understand.

Insights from our experience: some of the tips are based completely on our personal discoveries and experience that we haven’t seen anywhere else before.

Problem solving episodes covering possible solutions to any problems that you might experience with a wig. No matter if it is an issue with the fit, realistic look, hair color or security – after you complete the program, you will know what to do!

Extra bonus: Possibility to consult about your Hairalicious wig individually on any subject of the course.

Make the most of your wig-wearing experience:

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Here’s and example of our first set of videos that will help you navigating on our page and offers guidance how to choose the right Hairalicious wig for you.

Wig terminology you need to know

Episode 9
Hair length – Difference among companies


Episode 4
How to change parting

Wig problems solved

Episode 9
Your own widows peak is showing

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Is it for me?

This course is for those who…

You haven’t tried wigs before: wig world is uncharted territory for you, and you don’t know how to take the first step and choose your first wig.


It is your first wig: You took a leap and got yourself a wig but need guidance how to make it feel like you.

You’ve tried wigs before, but you cannot find a perfect one: you feel like each wig you have does not fulfill your expectations fully and you want to increase your chances to find the one that fits your preferences the best.

You are an experienced wig wearer: Wigs are second nature to you, so you are ready to take full advantage of wigs and learn more intricate tricks.


You have experience with wigs: Wigs are nothing new to you, but you are looking for ways to perfect the look and feel of your alternative hair.


You are a wig seller or plan to be one: you want to adopt best practice for solutions to various problems that would help you to consult your clients.

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About Hairalicious

HAIRALICIOUS is a small team an online store selling premium quality wigs for over 10 years. Our team stylists, or as we call them “wig magicians”, are experienced professional hair stylists that work exclusively with alternative hair.

Each and every one of us is eager to help women to have their hair loss experience less distressing and make their life in general more joyful again. For this reason, we want to share with you our knowledge and expertise that we gathered over the years.

Hopefully this course will make your path easier, smoother and maybe even more enjoyable!

What our members say?

- Shelly -
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I really wish this course had started earlier! When I lost my hair, I was desperately searching for something that would work for me… it was all so new to me, I honestly had no clue how to find a wig that that felt right. I was constantly feeling insecure…and confused... I didn’t really know what I was buying. Turns out, there's a ton to consider! But now that I know what to look for in helper hair, I'm feeling way more confident. Huge thanks!
- Samantha -
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I’m wig consultant myself so I was sceptical at first I'll find any new information here, but I was pleasantly surprised! Section on “Styling” was worth it alone for me. There is so much practical advice that I could try on my wig right away after watching the episode, and it’s easy to follow. Great work, keep at it!
- Anne -
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What I liked is that everything is step by step. First you learn the terms, what means what, then, the topics and tips get more complicated bit by bit. It was easy to understand and follow the lessons. This is exactly what I needed. I think that everyone who wears wigs can find something helpful here.

Make the most of your wig-wearing experience:


To access this course, you will need to create an account with your email address and create your own password. STARTER plan is completely free. For PRO plan you have to make a payment. Once registered you will be redirected to the course homepage immediately, where all episodes and course materials are already in place.  You can start watching video lessons anytime you like and learn at your own pace.

We accept credit card payments processed securely through Stripe. Stripe allows us to process major credit and debit cards, providing a safe and reliable payment experience.

No, you only need to complete one-time payment to get unlimited access to all current and future material. We will notify you via email when new content is available, and we will keep adding new lessons without any additional fee until we run out of ideas. So, those who take advantage of the early price deal will get the most value for the lowest price.

No, you can upgrade your STARTER membership to PRO using the same account details. Login to your account and click “Join” Academy Pro to unlock all the content.  

No, the course is specifically designed to get you maximum results in minimum time. Each video lesson takes no more than 2 minutes, all tips are practical, quick, and easy to apply.

No, our lessons are specifically tailored for human hair wigs. While some principles of wig care may apply to synthetic wigs as well, our curriculum, techniques, and recommendations are primarily designed for human hair wigs to ensure the best outcomes.


No, our tutorials are designed to be applicable to all human hair wigs. While we may reference Hairalicious wigs in some examples, the techniques and guidance provided in our tutorials are universally applicable to any human hair wig, ensuring that all wig wearers can benefit from our lessons.


Yes, as a Pro member, you’ll have access to all the created episodes at your convenience. You can watch them anytime, anywhere that suits you. Additionally, our lessons are regularly updated with new episodes to ensure you have access to the latest content and techniques.

Each video lesson comes with a comments section, where you can ask questions, share your results, and consult with us or other members.

As it is one-time payment membership, refund is not available. If you’re in doubt, we recommend starting with free STARTER plan, where you will be able to see a full course plan, including the titles of PRO plan episodes. We hope this will help you to decide if you’d like to upgrade to PRO plan.

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