Ginger wig in color “MADELAINE PETSCH” (long)

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About This Hair

Style is 26″ measured from the crown (small layers). Hair at the top is 22″, at the nape 20″

Hair Density

Naturally full – up to 130%




Highest quality Brazilian hair – single drawn

About This Color

Copper auburn

Darker Roots

Medium brown

Root Length

5" balayage roots

Darker hair underneath


Haircut Details


This Wig's Construction
Cap Construction

Glueless stretchy with silicone linings

Entirely Handmade


Type of Knots

Small knots for the most realistic look

Bleached Knots

Yes, well bleached

Integrated Stocking cap


Lace Type

HD lace

Pre-cut Lace


Security: No. of clips added


Security: No. of combs added


Security: Extra elastic band



Ultra small (circumference 20.5"-21", front to nape 11.5"-12")
Small (circumference 21.5-22.5″, front to nape 13.25-13.75″)
Medium (circumference 22.5-23.5″, front to nape 14.25-14.75″)
Large (circumference 23.25", front to nape 15-15.5")

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Why Choose Extra Thin Hairline Glueless Wigs Collection

DYE stains on a cap is normal

Our hair pieces are hand dyed, so there is a lot of customization and personal touch that goes into these wigs. Many, if not most, of our pieces tend to have stains on the inside. That is unavoidable when everything is dyed by hand, rather than factory made. It is a standard in wig industry, especially if colors are sophisticated, such as balayage, melted roots–those cannot be achieve by machine and requires professional colorist’s services.
However, these stains aren’t visible when the hair is worn, as they are in the areas which are completely covered with hair. Once again, this is normal and doesn’t have any impact on the final look of the wig.

Product Description

Ginger wig in color “MADELAINE PETSCH” is made to transform your look with some vibrance. With its long hair, this ginger lace front wig adds a pop of color and personality to your style, perfect for those seeking to stand out from the crowd.

Availability: Ginger wig in color “MADELAINE PETSCH” (long) is intermittently available for immediate purchase

If Ginger wig in color “MADELAINE PETSCH” (long) is in stock, it takes 1-3 working days to prepare a wig for shipping. This glueless wig is eligible for return according to our Return Policy.

You can tailor this wig to your preferences. Customization is available for the pre-cut lace, wig’s security elements, styling and haircut. If you wish to customize your wig, answer “Yes” to the question “Would you like to customize this style?” and choose features you want to change.

When customized, it may add up to 4 extra working days to the preparation process before shipping. If this is your first HAIRÀLICIOUS purchase, we suggest refraining from customization, as customized items can’t be returned.

If Ginger wig in color “MADELAINE PETSCH” (long) is currently out of stock, please check our store later. We restock every Tuesday at 9 PM GMT. Alternatively, be the first to know when the wig is back in stock by subscribing to our in-stock alerts. All you have to do is choose your size and enter your email. As soon as your chosen wig is back in stock, you will be notified by email.

Extra Thin Hairline Glueless Wigs Collection

Ginger wig in color “MADELAINE PETSCH” (long) is from Extra Thin Hairline Glueless Wigs collection. It features pre-plucked, low-density hairline with well bleached knots that creates an exceptionally natural hairline. Parting of this lace wig is voluminous, but you can style it flat. It is also easy to change the parting place anytime. Ginger wig in color “MADELAINE PETSCH” (long) is suitable for both complete hair loss and bio hair underneath and can be worn completely glueless or glued/taped at the front if preferred.

Color: copper auburn MADELAINE PETSCH

The copper auburn color with a 5 inch medium brown balayage root exudes warmth and radiance, casting a beautiful and fiery hue with captivating red tones. This hair color embraces a warm, welcoming undertone, perfect for those who desire an infusion of energy in their look. The regular dimension adds subtle depth and intrigue, creating a delightful play of color throughout. The roots, darker with a level ranging from 6 to 5, provide a seamless transition from the balayage and add a touch of depth to the overall appearance. This harmonious combination of fiery auburn and rich brown roots presents a versatile and authentic look, bringing forth a spirited and vibrant essence.

Length: Long

Long length, ranging from ~24” to ~26” measured from the crown. You can check exact hair length measurements in the product description under “About this hair” tab. Click on question mark icon to find instructions how each length measurement is taken.
This hair length is a statement of elegance and sophistication. This longer length exudes an aura of grace and luxury, making it an ideal choice for those who crave the beauty of extended locks. Falling well below the shoulders, it offers an abundance of styling possibilities. Such length is particularly complementary for individuals with oval or round face shapes, as it provides a harmonious balance. This human hair wig celebrates the allure of long hair while maintaining manageability, making it a timeless choice for those who appreciate the best of both worlds.

Hair type: Brazilian Remy Hair

Ginger wig in color “MADELAINE PETSCH” (long) has the highest quality Brazilian single-drawn hair. If the glueless human hair wig doesn’t have thicker ends haircut or bob haircut, such hair gradually gets thinner towards the ends, replicating our natural hair look. Since this hair type is prone to waves, if you’re not planning to style it using heat tools and want to avoid any puffiness, follow these two simple steps:
Step 1: When you comb the hair after washing, make sure the water is still dripping from the tips. Do not over-dry hair in a towel.
Step 2: Once the hair starts to dry – do not touch it until it dries off completely.

Hair texture: straight Brazilian hair

The hair texture of a Ginger wig in color “MADELAINE PETSCH” (long) retains a predominantly straight profile, but it’s not bone straight and has some wave to it. This type of hair holds curls very well and you can scrunch it when wet to achieve a naturally wavy pattern. Styling options abound for this type of hair as it easily transitions from a sleek, polished look to a more relaxed and wavy style with the right techniques.

No haircut

Although no haircut is added to Ginger wig in color “MADELAINE PETSCH” (long) initially, it can be customized by your request. You can choose between several options: cutting fringe or bangs, changing the length, or adding face-framing layers to your wig.


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We will email you a tracking number once your order ships. It takes 1-3 working days to prepare an in-stock wig for shipping. Pre-order items take up to 3 weeks to prepare for shipping. Please check the production time in the product description.

If you answered “yes” to a question “Would you like to customize this style?” it may add up to 4 extra working days to the preparation process before shipping.

Delivery Method: Express delivery via UPS

Estimated Delivery Time: 1-3 working days in Europe. 2-5 working days to other countries

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Delivery not available to: Québec (Canada), Gibraltar, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Belarus.  Click here for more information.

Return Policy

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You can cancel your order before it is processed. 5% restocking fee is applicable for the refund.

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2 reviews for Ginger wig in color “MADELAINE PETSCH” (long)

  1. Ginger wig in color "MADELAINE PETSCH" (long) photo review
    Ginger wig in color "MADELAINE PETSCH" (long) photo review
    Ginger wig in color "MADELAINE PETSCH" (long) photo review
    Christine (Connecticut, US)
    May 27, 2022
    Style no.247 with bangs
    I lost my hair many years ago due to lupus, an autoimmune disease. Then I was diagnosed with cancer and people
    finally “understood” my hair loss but ...More
    I lost my hair many years ago due to lupus, an autoimmune disease. Then I was diagnosed with cancer and people

    finally “understood” my hair loss but in truth, I had lost it due to lupus. I breaks my heart that there isn’t a normalization

    and compassion for those who lose their hair for any reason other than cancer. Having experienced both, I definitely experienced

    more compassion with cancer. I am deeply grateful to you all at Hairalicious for normalizing wigs and just having fun with

    wigs — for ANY reason, be it hair loss or just for fun. I love wearing red (like my Scottish ancestors) and icy blonde like

    my Scandinavian ancestors. And I love how real and layered with beautiful colors each and every wig I have from Hairalicious is.

    Always grateful, customer for life. I love the red, and I am Going red for the summer — I feel like it brings out

    my Scottish and Scandinavian heritage. Xoxox — Christine
    May 22, 2022
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Size Guide
Before you purchase make sure to check the size measurements of the wig in-stock.

The measurements can vary depending on the wig available. Exact measurements of a particular wig in-stock are indicated in the description under “THIS WIG’S CONSTRUCTION” – “Measurements”.

Elasticity of the cap is indicated by the dash (“THIS WIG’S CONSTRUCTION” – “Measurements”). The second number after dash shows the maximum stretch of the cap.


Measure your head’s front to nape and choose the size you’d be interested to be notified about:


Size Guide
Ultra Small Front to Nape is up to 13″
Small Front to Nape is between 13.25″ and 13.75″
Medium Front to Nape is between 14″ and 14.75″
Large Front to Nape is from 15″