This is a standard list of haircuts.

If you do not find a haircut you are looking for you can either choose:

(i) closest haircut from standard list and write in section “Remarks” what alterations have to be made (i.e. thicker/thinner/shorter/longer bangs etc.) or

(ii) in the section “Haircut” choose “I would like to attach a picture”

Thicker ends

:: No - hair ends are not cut. Looks perfectly fine and natural on longer than 18" hair and “naturally full density (< 130%)”. If hair is shorter or thinner it is advised to have hair ends cut.

:: Yes - ends are trimmed to look fuller. Note: hair will become slightly shorter after a trim.


Face framing layers

:: Yes (well-defined) - layers cut in the front and at the back.

:: Yes (moderate) - layers cut in the front, no layers at the back.

:: No - there will naturally be some slight long layers

Yes (well defined)
Yes (moderate)


Straight bang (medium to thick)
Straight bang (thin to medium)
Left side fringe
Right side fringe
Middle side fringe