Cuticle hair

Cuticle hair is hair that has its cuticles left intact. The donor’s hair is cut while held in a ponytail, guaranteeing that all cuticles flow in the same direction from root to the tip. The cuticles protect the hair from damage, tangling and gives the hair a natural, smooth, shiny and healthy appearance.


Virgin hair has not been permed, colored or chemically processed in any way.


It feels very soft and smooth, has a lot of volume.

We believe the quality of the hair is much more important than the origin of it and we are pleased with the quality of European hair we use.

Double Drawn

Double drawn hair is drawn twice so shorter hair are eliminated by both - machine and hands.

This ensures solid length from top to bottom. uses only highest quality double drawn cuticle virgin European hair before dyeing or curling to your desired look.

Such hair is considered premium because it lasts longer and looks natural.